Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthdays are good for you!

Everyone knows green is my favorite color though I don't usually reach for it first for card making. When I saw this turtle I saw an opportunity to do ALL green! He's colored with a brush tip marker and then I highlighted the darker squares on him with frosted lace stickles. The turtle and phrase are all one piece but I'm thinking of cutting them apart (they are clear stamps) so that the phrase can be used with some of the adorable old people from Rubbernecker Stamps. I figure it would be easier to separate them than to keep trying to only color or ink up just part of the stamp. I used my fastenator and big staples to hold the ribbon on. I don't pull that tool out much because it's kind of a pain to line it up but I should use it more because I think the staples are so cute.

Today is just a lazy day for us. The kids and I are getting the house cleaned up for Tom's return and they are having sleepovers tonight. Dominick is going to a friend's house and Robbie's little sister Lauren is coming here. We're so lucky that our kids are the same age and all get along. That way we can trade and no one gets "stuck" with all the kids. It really does work out better because this way the boys don't wind up teasing the girls. They're all really good when they're together.

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