Saturday, April 19, 2008

Buttermilk Falls & The Museum of the Earth

Over spring break we took a day trip to Ithaca to do some exploring. For years Dominick has wanted to go to the museum of the earth. It was a really cool place. We all enjoyed seeing all the fossils and learning about our local paleontological history... we had a Woolly Mammoth skeleton discovered only 2 hours from where we live and it's on display there! After the museum we went over to Buttermilk falls for lunch and to hike the falls. We've been there many times but we never get tired of looking at the beautiful falls and woods. Let me tell you... it doesn't get any easier hiking up that hill just because we've been there before. It's two days later now and my shins are still hurting. I told the kids I didn't want to hear them complaining because a guy with a broken leg walked by us going up the falls! Yes, we thought he was crazy! They did great though. I think they like the scenery so much that they don't stop to think how far we've gone and how tired they are. The photo of Makena holding a heart up is a rock she found. We also spotted 3 snakes. It was a great day.

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