Friday, April 11, 2008

Strange and Wonderful

We have a strange and wonderful relationship, your strange and I'm wonderful. That's the inside phrase that I thought went well with this duo. Here's the link for "Gully" & "Goldy" They're both from Rubbernecker. I used my Cuttlebug Embossing Folder Tiny Bubbles for the blue background paper. The image is colored with brush tip markers. I did the border with dew drops and used a crab punch to complete the ocean theme. I have no idea who makes the punch. It's not marked and I got it at a local dollar store.

Makena went back to dance today for the first time since her surgery. She's not supposed to participate in any "sports" until the 14th but I didn't think 3 days would matter since it was only her half hour duo so I let her go. She was tired afterwards but was glad to be back. She's still not quite herself and even her instructor said she didn't seem like her normal bubbly self. I think she's scared because on the ride over she asked if dancing would make her throat bleed. She still won't drink lemonade either because the nurse told her that citrus would burn if she had any during her recovery. I keep telling her she'll be fine now but she said she wants to wait until the 14th for that too. ...she's not taking any chances! We're officially on Spring Break now. I'm not sure what we are going to do yet. The kids have many soccer, baseball, softball and dance practices but we do have 2 completely free days so we may take an overnight trip somewhere. We'll see...

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