Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cub Scouts Rocket Launch

Here are the photos from yesterday's rocket launch. Each boy was given 3 engines. Dominick's first 2 flights were amazing. They went incredibly high and managed to clear a ton of trees and land in a yard where he was able to recover them. He was not so fortunate with the 3rd flight. It went quite high and the wind caught it. It wound up in a tree. He was the very last flight of the day and the only one to get stuck in a tree. With all the wind yesterday the scouts were very lucky that his was the only casualty. He was pretty disappointed that he couldn't bring the rocket home but at least it was on his last flight. The rocket looked like a #2 pencil. They had a cookout after the launches and it was a nice day. Makena had fun helping the boys chase down and recover the rockets.

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