Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother-Son Picnic

Well... it wasn't the nice day we had hoped for. It rained for almost 24 hours straight so the picnic was moved inside to the gym. YUCK! All the games had to be cancelled due to lack of space. All they were able to do was beach ball volleyball and set up the bounce house. We still had fun though. We actually had quite an interesting time in the bounce house. I was in it with Dominick and 4 other boys. There were several boys running around the house and they knocked the cap off the "thingy" that keeps it blown up. Within a matter of seconds it was almost completely down on us. One poor boy was stuck in the corner with his head down toward the floor, on his back with his feet in the air. I managed to pull him up before it came down on his face. By the time I got myself and that boy out someone had sealed up the leak and the other boys were back jumping around. It was scary but once we saw that everyone was okay it was kind of a funny story to tell everyone. We can't wait for next year's picnic. HOPEFULLY that one will be outside!

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