Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pond Safari

This morning I took the kids to a nature preserve for a pond safari. Please note the camo! They thought they were being so creative but there turned out to be a couple of other boys in camo or safari hats. We went down to the pond with nets and collection cartons. Each group had there own and then they were combined into trays for viewing. We learned some COOL stuff. Our most bizarre looking thing turned out to be a dragonfly aphid. We thought it looked prehistoric. We also caught some frog and toad tadpoles, water striders & beetles, snails and back swimmers. One group caught a water scorpion, some crayfish and some baby bullheads. Those were too cute. We had so much fun and learned a lot. Now we can't wait to take our knowledge to the lake and impress Grandma & Grandpa! After the safari we went for a hike on some of the trails and Makena saw a mouse. We also saw more big and itty bitty baby frogs as well as several beautiful butterflies. One even landed on Makena's socks. I told her since they were green it must have thought she was a leaf. One large butterfly even followed us down the path for about a 100 feet. We had a great day! Don't forget you can click on the little photos to enlarge them.

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