Sunday, August 10, 2008

More dog stuff

Well, as I've been saying, I've had no time to craft lately. This card is from a LONG time ago but I felt it was very appropriate since I've been posting lately about our dog. Well... tonight I have something else to share about him! I just took his halo off to give him a little break and let him out one last time for the evening. As soon as he was out the door I heard him growl so I clicked on the light and lo and behold, 10' from me was a skunk. I screamed Chachi's name and he came running back into the garage and the skunk turned to spray again. I can't tell how much got on him. He was shaking his head so I know he got hit but it was tough to tell what was in the air and what was on him. Just what you need when your dog's just had surgery and you're showing your house hoping to sell it. The good news is that there were 2 people here today that are interested. One made an offer and the other plans to do so in the morning. Thank goodness. At least when they come back they'll know it doesn't always smell like this! Ha ha! Of course poor Chachi is sleeping in the garage tonight. There's no way I'm letting him in the house until I see how bad the situation is. Well, that said, onto the card. Unfortunately I can't remember much about it. The dog and fire hydrant aren't my stamps. I was at a friend's house and stamped them while I was there. The phrase is mine and it's from PSX. They were colored with brush tip markers and colored pencils. I also used black glitter glue and crystal stickles on it. I hope our dog looks (and smells) this good in the morning!

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