Saturday, March 14, 2009

Green thank you

Everyone knows that green is my favorite color! Well, (unfortunately) a local scrapbook store just went out of business and I picked up some great ribbons pretty cheap. I was dying to use this crinkled green one of course. Most of this card was made with scraps. I've been trying to do that because my scrap folders are getting pretty full. Even the pearls are scraps. My mom recently sent me a bag full of bits of trim and ribbon. Little pieces she can't use but perfect sizes for cards! The pretty silver medallion came from an odd place... one of my kids made a shaker instrument at school. They took 2 paper plates, filled them with beads and then glued them together. When it was finally time to recycle the plates I took the beads out and found several very pretty little embellishments in there as well. How lucky for me. Obviously the teacher was not a craft person. Why would someone waste something so pretty? I'm ready for spring and this card makes me feel like it's a little bit closer!

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