Monday, December 27, 2010

Makena's Cookbook (I think she liked it!)

She likes it!  She likes it!  Her first recipe went into it about an hour after she opened it.  Her Aunt Lori's Fettucinni Alfredo.  She wrote it in herself making a special note that it was Christmas Day and her first recipe.  She can't wait to fill it up.  

Dominick didn't get anything made by me but he sure loved his new 64G IPod Touch!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Sue said...

So glad that the book was a great hit with your Daughter Renee, I bet you had a smile on your face too, knowing that it was appreciated.
She will treasure what you have created for her.

marsha said...

Renee, what a great smile on your daughter's face! It definitely looks like she loves her present! Your son looks pretty happy with his too! Great looking family!