Monday, February 14, 2011


My new friend Margaret  (Please check out her blog.  She has some beautiful work on it.) has honored me with an award!  I'm so flattered and can't wait to pass this along to three more people who I have recently discovered and think they create amazing works of art. 

The aim of this award is to give it to 3 -5 blogs you have visited that are relatively unknown and bring them to light [not with thousands of followers already]. So here are the terms for accepting the award:

1-create a blog post showing your award and say you accept it

2-say who gave the award and link back to them

3-link to 3-5 of your favourite blogs and let them know about the award

So....without further adieu here are the ladies who I have been recently inspired by. They all have some wonderful inspiration on their blogs.  They're worth checking out!

Thank you very much Margaret! 
I truly appreciate it and hope that these ladies will too. 


Colleen Dietrich said...

Well, Renee, aren't you the sweetest! I love that you 'found' me and so kindly gave me an award. :) Congratulations to YOU on your award, too!! Have a great night. :)

Sarah said...

Renee, you are so sweet to pass this award on to me! I'll definitely pass it along in the next few days once I get a thank you card made!

Have a great day!