Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Sophia!

Hello and happy Tuesday!

Today I'm sharing a birthday card I made for a sweet little girl.
She's autistic but is just like every other little kid in one big way...she gets obsessed with something and wants to eat, sleep and breath it!

This year she loves Legos.
I was told she really liked the card because of the 3-D effect it had.  Autistic kids have sensory issues so she really enjoyed touching this.

With my son it was dinosaurs!  From about 2yrs. to 8 that's all he wanted to talk about.

My daughter was wild about Mary-Kate and Ashley.  She would sing their songs and play with their "barbie" dolls.

Here's the inside of Sophia's card.

I printed the minifig and the verse is from an old Stampin' Up set.

Last year she loved puzzles of the U.S. so I made this one...

Two years ago it was Elmo and triangles!
(yes, she loved triangles...)

I didn't make her 2nd card.  My friend who requests these had personal stuff going on and didn't ask that year.

Here's her first birthday card.

I wonder what 6 yrs. will bring??

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