Wednesday, April 23, 2008

He heard it through the grapevine...

Actually, I think he saw it! My sister Laurie contacted me the other day and asked if I could make 4 more sympathy cards. You see the last time I made her some I dropped them off where her sister-in-law works because they were going to be seeing her soon and it saved me a trip all the way over to Laurie's. Well apparently her sister-in-law's boss saw the cards and asked if I could make him some. Well of course I can! It would be wonderful if the word continued to spread. I was also asked to do 7 shadow boxes at Makena's dance studio. She asked back in the fall and said she'd get back to me after Christmas. Well, after Christmas is when the studio gets crazy with competitions and the Spring recital so I think she has forgotten. I haven't bothered to remind her because frankly I don't know when I'd have time to do them. I think I'll talk to her about doing them over the summer. The studio is only open part time for workshops and I won't be working over the summer.

Sorry, I just realized I somehow only photographed 3 of the cards but the 4th is already out in the car so I don't forget them tomorrow and I don't feel like going out and getting it.

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dedorima said...

Victor saw the sympathy card that I gave Joyce that you made @ John's Grandmother's funeral.