Thursday, May 1, 2008

Don't DO that!!

Well... Makena had a softball game tonight. We sat in the rain for an hour before they called it. We won 4 to 0 but it was only a scrimmage so it doesn't count anyways. When we were coming home across the bridge this is what we saw. My stomach immediately did flip flops! I thought our house was on fire. After frantically looking up at it and seeing it was safe I checked the neighbors. They seemed to be fine as well. My next thought was a bad accident but I couldn't see any cars. So... the only other thing I could think of was a boating accident in the river. As we pulled into our driveway (where I took the photos from) we asked some of the volunteers what was going on. Their reply... It's just a training exercise. TRAINING??? They scared us like that for training?! Don't DO that!! The important thing is no one was hurt.

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