Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This is the card I made for my Mom. I know she doesn't read my blog so I should be safe posting this early. She really loves antiques and vintage things so I think she'll like this. The scalloped oval is velvet paper and I thought with the satin ribbon corners and the lace it had a very antique feel to it. We're still not sure what we're even doing for Mother's Day.

Dominick had a baseball game tonight. He says they won 8-7 but we never really know since they don't actually keep score. I left a little before it ended because it was almost 8:00 and Makena needed a shower. By the time Dominick got home and finished his homework and took his shower it was almost 9:30. (well, we read a chapter in a book we've been reading too but we can't miss a night of that no matter how late it is!) When spring comes and the ball games roll around and the sun starts setting later the bedtime pretty much goes out the window.

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