Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jar for Mom-To-Be

Well, as I've been saying I've had no time to craft. What little I've done is only because I made myself take time since I was being PAID to do these things for people. The baby shower is in mid October so normally I would have had plenty of time to do the favors. We should have both our current home and new home in contract by the end of this week so that means packing and with school and work starting in less than 2 weeks I will need every spare moment not spent at work or taking the kids to sports and dance to get everything ready for the move. I think they'll be surprised when I let them know they can come and get the favors so soon. I know they weren't expecting them this quickly but I was worried if I didn't do them now I wouldn't be able to finish. I showed the favors to you on Aug. 8 but I did a special bottle for the Mommy. I really hope she likes them. The jar is a Starbucks coffee bottle and I used the same paper that I used on the little jars. I did add felt pink bib ribbon and some extras not on the baby food jars. I used stamps on the little jars but when I was looking through my supplies I came across this adorable set of Precious Moments stamps and just had to use them. The topper is the same Stampin' Up stamp that I used on the others but I added a butterfly sticker. I just love all the pink and think it will coordinate well with the paper products they chose. Well.... hopefully I will see you again soon but I can't make any guarantees.

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