Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remember me??

I am trying to get a few items listed and sold before we move and a certain on line site is having tremendous difficulties today so... I started going through some of the photos on my computer in between the ups and downs of the site. I came across a few craft photos that I don't think I've shared yet. This is a tin I made at my sister's request. An older woman helped her with her flowers this year. You see... my sister and I have something in common! We are NOT gardeners! I really don't know why because our mother and grandmother are. Anyways, she wanted to give her a little thank you for her help. I decorated this tin which is a former prima flower tin. I put the flowers in a plastic bin so I could reuse this pretty tin. I never did ask her what she put in it so I can't share that with you. As you can see I used a couple of the prima flowers on it as well as some butterflies that I stamped. The rest was pretty simple. I cut some paper to fit around the tin, used some yellow trim that I had and the flower center is actually a thumb tack that I snipped the pointy part off of. Hopefully I'll have some more free time soon to show you some other things and it won't be as long in between posts. We still don't have a closing date and all of my craft things are packed up. It's been torture! I have had a couple of card requests and it's eating away at me that I can't create! I know it will be worth it in the end but it's tough seeing that far into the future when all I want to do is MAKE SOMETHING!! Anything at THIS point!

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