Monday, April 7, 2008

More Easter & my new job

Here's another Easter card. I absolutely love PSX (and couldn't be more bummed that they aren't making stamps any more!!) and this bunny is no exception. I love pink and brown together. I think it has a sort of vintage feel to it which I like.

I started my new job today. I am a child assigned aide for a 3rd grade boy. He was really good and as long as he has more of these days than bad days I think I'll really like it. It's nice to have the same hours as my kids. Makena started back today. She said she wasn't looking forward to it but you could tell she was happy when she got home. Her only complaint was that she was bored sitting on the sidelines in gym. There's a girl with a broken arm that she thought she was going to be able to sit with but she was absent today. One more week and she can go back to soccer, dance, softball and gym. I can barely keep up with her!

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