Friday, May 23, 2008

Hawaiian Beach Day

Today was the last day of swimming for our 3rd graders. I've been going since my student I work with is in 3rd grade. They had a big Hawaiian party for the kids. There was a limbo, dance and diving contest as well as best Hawaiian outfit. Dominick won for the boys. He had on everything you see in the photo plus he made himself a crown and wrote King Luau on it after I took the photo. He was very pleased with himself. We made the surf board out of card board and then painted it and stamped some flowers and beach type things on it. Dominick also had a milestone while we were there. He jumped off the diving board into the 13' water! I swam with the kids today. They just think it's so funny when the grown-ups participate in things. It was fun (and an easy week) but I'll be glad to get back into the classroom on Tuesday.

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