Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our adorable visitors

Since we've moved into our new house there has been a daily parade of deer coming through our yard. Up until the other day the most I had seen at once was 5 but I certainly topped that the other day. The kids and I had just finished setting up the Christmas tree and I moved over to the sofa table in front of our big bay window. I was putting up some deer my Mom gave me last year and as I was doing it, one by one, this group of deer started filing in. When it hit 5 I ran to get the camera and by the time I got back there were 7 of them. I told the kids we were just one deer shy of pulling Santa's sleigh. The other 2 photos are of a little one that came right up to the window the other day. He was eating right under the bird feeder only about 3 feet from us. We sat right at the window watching him. Mind you, this all took place during hunting season. Thank goodness they are safe in my back yard. I just love it here!

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