Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wanted In The Old West

Here's the other card that I made for the Yesteryear contest. I instantly thought of floral teapots and porch swings when I heard yesteryear but I wanted to go a different route. A cowboy may not be as pretty as those things but the old west is definitely a part of yesteryear. I picked up the adorable cowboy paper a week or so ago not knowing what I'd use it for but it turned out to be perfect for this card. I colored Slim with watercolor pencils and his chaps are "pleather" that I stamped and cut out. I just love the combination of the stamps... the hay bails, the barrel, Slim and the wagon wheel. The cute wanted saying is actually just the name of the paper that I cut of the end! Hey, waste not, want not. The ribbon slide is from the leather section at Michael's and I thought our guy needed a fiber lasso. A little stitching around the edges and my card was ready to upload. The judges will notify the winners at the end of the month. I can hardly wait. The only problem with posting these and letting you know that I entered is now you'll know if I don't win too! Oh well, I had fun making the cards even if I don't win. It sure would be nice though!

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