Friday, October 2, 2009


Today is Dominick's 11th birthday. He was born October 2 (19 days early) at 3:35 pm. That was very important to him this year for some reason. He wanted to tell be in class on the exact moment he was born. Unfortunately he'll be home by then. He's never been a "cake kid". I think he's had maybe 2 cakes in his life. He usually wants brownie cups or cheesecake or pie. This year he asked to take pie to school. He polled the class and it came out almost even between apple and pumpkin pie so we sent one of each along with some apple cider. He's very excited! This is the card I made for him. About 2 months ago I just got this idea in my head and I figured I better get it out while it was there. I had to keep the card hidden in my craft room because he spends a lot of time in there with me. I wish I had known when I made this that he was going to become obsessed with the Beatles. We went to Las Vegas in August and he and Makena stayed with my In-Laws. The one thing that I wanted to do was see the Beatles Love Cirque show. Of course they were on vacation that week... so anyways when I got home there was a documentary about how they came up with the idea for it and the preparation that went into it. Dominick watched it with me and was instantly hooked. He switched all his MP3 songs to Beatles and now wants the Beatles Rock Band game for our Wii. He's been reading books and watching old footage and movies. It's kind of cool. Anyways if I had KNOWN I would have made this card more "Beatlesque" and less "rock". I think he'll really like it anyways. Most of the stamps are Inkadinkado. I used a Martha Stewart Border punch and a Colluzle alphabet to make his initials. The record has lines on it but unfortunately you can't see them in the picture. I just think it's a fun card for a boy. Happy Birthday Buddy!!

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