Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Tara

My niece is 5 years old today! Yeah! Tara! I made this card for her months ago and have been waiting to post it. I guess they liked the card I made for Riley with the Marabou on it so I put some on Tara's card too. I also twisted some wire near the top of the owl and added flower crystals, a metal heart and a sparkly pink ribbon because I think every 5 year old girl likes sparkly things. I know I do! One of the other cards went to my niece Michaella for her birthday in August and I can't remember who I gave the 3rd one to. I know, that's sad. Inside the card reads... You're a Hoot! (and she is).

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Deltad74 said...

You aren't suppose to post cards until we get them! ; )