Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life update.......

This post is extemely long and contains only personal info so don't feel obligated to read it.  It's just some ramblings that I needed to pour out for my own sake.  

Okay...for those of you who don't know, we took a trip over spring break to Philadelphia to see the historic sights.  It was amazing and I highly recommend it to every American who is even remotely interested in our history.  Seriously...I stood in a room where Abraham Lincoln's wake was....where George Washington, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson were, and countless others.  We saw the first Congress, Independence Hall, Declaration House, Ben Franklin's grave, Betsy Ross's house and grave, the Franklin Institute of Technology, the U.S. Mint, George Washington's house, the Liberty Bell and so much more!!  Amazing!  And then it happened....the transmission in my van went.  Smack in the middle of our vacation.  Long story short, car was towed, we abandoned the vehicle basically.  Rented a car to get home and sold the van to the garage it was at for a few hundred dollars so we wouldn't have to deal with it.   So, for two weeks my husband and I have been carpooling.  Not fun with two kids on two different soccer teams, a softball team, dance, a community service club and all the while trying to get groceries and running regular errands.  NOT FUN!!!  So, the whole time we've been car hunting and think we've finally found something.  Good news!!

On a different note...

  One of the teachers that I work with shares my love of nature and is actually the one that got me into bird watching.  She tapped on the window of the room I was in and said "I can't see this without you!"   I left the room expecting to see a bird we don't see very often in our parts. (we have set up feeding stations and houses as part of grant money she was awarded).  I was surprised by what I saw!  Not a bird, but a bear!!  He was so darned cute.  It's hard to be angry that he emptied the feeders and possibly broke them.  We aren't sure of the condition because this happened right before school ended and we didn't feel safe going out to check on them.  Anyways, a few brave souls ventured outside and got some amazing shots.  This is the third bear that we've had at the school during school hours in the 3 1/2 yrs. I've worked there.  I'm in the special ed dept. and work with 14 students this year.  I provide extra assistance to the classified children in reading, math, social studies and science.  I go into classrooms and also run study groups etc. (third, fourth and fifth graders)  It's so rewarding...but I have to admit, I'd rather be crafting!!  

Here he is!

Isn't he the cutest?!  A couple of our teachers are hunters (Blah, yuck, ick) and guessed he's
probably about 250 lbs.  They said he's probably last years cub.  Yikes,  I wouldn't want to meet mom or pop in a dark alley. I couldn't have been more pleased to witness something this beautiful in person.  (I was tucked safely inside about 50 feet away)  I was so grateful to see him and am glad some of the teachers documented it.  It really was needed with all that's been bogging me down lately.  I know in the grand scheme of things my troubles are MINOR!!  But still, they are my troubles.  

I'm off to make a last minute Sugar Creek Hollow DT card that I should have done days ago but didn't 
due to car hunting, carpooling etc.  Looks like a late night for me!  Thanks for listening.


Heide said...

We did the Historical trip to DC and Philly. It was one of my favorite trips, I enjoyed it more the Hawaii.
Don't get me wrong Hawaii was great, very expensive, but great. I really enjoyed learning about the US history and seeing it. those poor eagles. When we go up north we always see one or two, it is just so exciting...I just have never gotten a picture. They are wonderful to see! Oh my Bears near the school?? I can not believe you get bears by your school. WOW!

Thank you for the kind words about my Guinness, I feel so bad right now he is so very hungry and will not leave my side and I cant help him. I will be so glad when the surgery is over and he is feeling better.

marsha said...

Renee, sounds like you had an amazing trip up until the van went kaflooey! I've been to DC many times but never to Philadelphia. My heart also goes out to those orphaned eaglets. I live only 45 minutes away from the gardens and was able to go and photograph the eagles two summers ago, they are just stunning. I adopted an Osprey nest not too far from my home and documented photos from egg to young adult.

Cec said...

This was a very interesting read and thankfully ended on a happier note than it started. My DH and I never keep our cars for more than three years and after reading about your van troubles, I am glad we do that. The story about the eagles is so sad. I am fascinated by nature and would love to have seen the bear but I am such a wimp sometimes that I probably would have been having a look from even further away :)

Morghan said...

Hi Renee! I'm friends with Makena! I went to AES with her and was in the same class as her in 4th grade! I LOVE eagles and bears although they kinda creep me out! I also like srapebooking! I have a blog also called A Girl Named Morgan! If you want to check it out it's! Tell Makena to email me!

~Morgan Wanck

Danie May said...

I too am an animal lover Renee and can totally understand how the death of the Eagle would have affected you. I enjoyed your post and seeing the pics of the bear. In Australia the only bears we have are Koala Bears which are much smaller and more cuddlier. I hope the bad months you are having get better going into May.