Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pencil vase

Hello everyone!
Are you looking for a handmade gift for a teacher or teacher's aide? This is a fun project that costs very little to make and looks adorable.

I went to a $1 store and found a straight vase that was just about 1/4" shorter than an unsharpened pencil. (bring one with you for measuring)  Then I went and got a bunch of pencils that were 2 boxes for $1. (each box had ten pencils and I bought 5 boxes)  My total project cost $3.50.
I gave this to a teacher that I work with and she loved it.  All the kids loved it and every adult that comes into the room asks about it.  It was SO simple to make.  You just glue the pencils to the glass in VERY straight lines (that part's a little tricky) and tie on a ribbon if you want.
I filled it with some fall flowers from my gardens and the gift was complete.

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