Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding invitations

Hello everyone! 

A friend of mine is getting married and she asked me to make her invitations.   It's a destination wedding so the guest list is a little smaller which is why I agreed to do them.  No more 150 guest weddings for me!  The first few are fun...then it's just work!

I had a lot of fun planning the layout with the bride and groom.  I went through about a dozen "rough drafts" before they settle on this design.  Their wedding colors are coral and aqua.  I couldn't get my printer to print aqua but by accident one day it printed this pretty teal color which I knew I had the perfect matching paper for.  Fortunately, they loved it!

I apologize for my thumb.  I didn't want to seal one and it wouldn't stay closed for you to see the embossing on the outside.

 Here's the inside.  They decided to do a postcard for the response card.  That's what's in the pocket.

 I basically set up an assembly line.  I had all the pieces
cut and ready and then did them one step at a time.

This was the first trial with this design which they liked but they decided they wanted the coral to be the base color.  Good choice!

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1 comment:

Rhonda Harre said...

Beautiful - this project is truly a labor of love for your friends! Congrats to the Bride and Groom!