Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Happy Birthday Tara!

Hello and happy Tuesday!

My niece Tara just became a teenager and she loves Harry Potter.
I wanted to celebrate her birthday by giving her a memorable card.

I used my ancient set of Sizzix doll dies to make the H.P. character.  It was supposed to be Hermione but the doll face is so round that it really doesn't look like her at all.  I think it's still cute though.

I used a piece of vellum behind the window to make it look like stained glass.
I used a flickering tea light behind it.

Doesn't the light make it look like it could be a real room at Hogwarts?

Here's a close up of Hermione and Crookshanks.

I added a selection of potions on the window sill too.  We all know how important those are to the students at Hogwarts.

Happy Birthday Tara!!

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