Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Welcome Little Princess!

Hello and happy Tuesday!

Today I'm sharing a card that I made for a baby shower.  I had a request to make a very pink, girly shower card with a tiara on it from a woman who says her friend is very "princessy."

I think this covered all her bases.

I thought I had my card finished but when I showed my daughter she said it needed more bling.  She had me add the 4 rhinestones in the corners.  I definitely think she was right after seeing it. 

Here's the inside where she can personalize the card.

Here's the sweet little tiara.  I work in an elementary school and occasionally a little girl will show up in a tiara.  I have to admit,  I'm a little jealous that adult women can't just show up in a tiara once in a while.  Wouldn't it make the work day a little more bearable?!

Hope you all enjoy your week.

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