Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Well Soon

A friend of ours had surgery and I thought she'd get a kick out of this gal. The stamp is made by artimpressions. I just love their people and funny sayings. I used a combination of water color pencils and regular brush tip markers to color her. I drew in the molding and hardwood floor myself. Well... my card must have worked, she got well quick.

We went to Ithaca today and finally got to see the Museum of the Earth. It's a paleontological museum that Dominick has wanted to go to forever! It was quite cool. The fossils there were beyond amazing. After the museum we took a picnic lunch over to Buttermilk Falls and hiked. The weather was perfect for it. We had so much fun. After the falls we headed home and got cleaned up and then took the kids to Texas Roadhouse for supper. (their favorite restaurant) They enjoy throwing the peanut shells on the floor! It was such a great day. I'll try to get some of the photos posted tomorrow for you to see. Goodnight for now.

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