Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thank you, Thank you very much

Ladies and gentlemen...Elvis is back in the building! Cornish Heritage Farms has a brand new Elvis line and it's so cool. I chose this 'Finger Clickin' Elvis' along with several different phrases which I think will be quite versatile. For this card I used the 'Thank you very much' phrase. I love black and white together and didn't really want to add a third color to the card so I just used a metallic silver market to highlight around the guitar and notes to make them pop a little. I definitely think of Elvis as being a little over the top so I thought this paper with the silver splashes all over it would work well. I used the cuttlebug allegro folder to make the white embossed music notes and I highlighted those with "Frosted Lace" stickles. We're big Elvis fans in our house so I fun with this card.

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