Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dad's cork ornament

My sister got married in March '08 and for her bachelorette party we rented a jumbo van and toured some of the Finger Lakes wineries. Our maiden name is Knapp so when we were at Knapp Winery her Maid of Honor asked if she could get a cork or two to do something for her. Well, they gave us about a 100 of them! The MOH made my sister a cute necklace by alternating corks with flower petals. It came out great and lucky me... she gave me the left over silk flowers which I have been enjoying using! She also gave me the corks because she said she'd never use them again. I thought it would be cute to make my Dad and step-mom an ornament with one. I used a paper piercer to poke a hole down the center and then strung some thin wire through it. I wove the ribbon around the wire for the top and at the bottom I strung some beads and added a bow. I think for a first try it came out pretty. I hope they agree.

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