Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a difference 4 years makes!

My niece Riley just had her ninth birthday. Four years ago for her 5th birthday I made one of my first cards. I'm not proud to show you this by any means. My sister had saved it and dug it out to show me. I thought it would be funny to show the difference between that card and this year's card. I think I've learned a little since then. I would have liked to have used the same stamp but I don't think I even owned a stamp at that point. Those were borrowed from a cousin. It was nice for me to see how far I've come. This years card was made with Inkadinkado stamps. (the guitar and rock star phrase as well as the giant bracket that trims the side of the card). The "9" was cut with a sizzix die. I brushed glue on the bracket and 9 and then glittered them. After that I sealed them with an acrylic sealer so that the glitter didn'ttar get all over their house... you're welcome Dawn! I used Marabou trim on the inside and it's held down with 3 Fastenator staples. I think every young girl right now wants to be a pop star so I thought she'd like this theme. Happy Birthday Riley!

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