Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Regrow your scallions!

My family eats a lot of scallions. Recently I saw this trick on Pinterest.
It sounded too good to be true, but true it is!  The person said to cut your
scallions to about 1" from the bottom part where the roots are. 
Use all the rest of it and put the little stump in some water.  You can regrown a new
one from this.  I thought "yeah right". But it worked.  In this photo you can see two
small ones that were put in yesterday. The others have been growing for about a week.

By the time we finish the bag that's in the fridge
these will be ready to eat.  I plan to just keep rotating 
them.  I've heard you can do this with celery
and a little pot of dirt.  I'm going to try that too!
I'll let you know!

As for the celery...it does work but
it takes a LONG time.
With the scallions I got 2-3 regrows before
the roots got mushy and the scallions were
only growing as wide as a chive.  Still it will
cut my scallion bill by about 2/3 so I'm going to
continue to do it!  

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